TAV 2 Garter Springs



Each sold as a set of 2 – price is per set.

Comet Spring Engagement Chart For 20 & 30 Series. Click here. (opens new window)

The following engagement is only relevant for use with the 202933A Zinc Weights which are the default weights used.

Blue: Comet Pt No 011188A.     Default Fit                2200 rpm
Black: Comet Pt No 011189A.                                        1400 rpm
Orange: Comet Pt No 011184A.                                     1500 rpm
Pink: Comet Pt No 011186A.                                          1800 rpm
White: Comet Pt No 011190A.                                       3100 rpm
Blue/Silver: Comet Pt No 216115A ** (Jnr Drag Only) 3600 rpm

** This is a Chrome Silicone spring, the hardness of this spring is much higher than the other springs and built for racing and not longevity; therefore no warranty with this spring. If you want longevity and with higher engagement use the 011190A White spring.

This item is usually dispatched within 3 to 5 days.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Garter Springs

202931A Alum Die Cast Weight, 215272A Gold Compression Spring For 20 & 30 Series, 216095A Orange Torsion Spring 20 Series, 216168A Yellow Torsion Spring for 30 Series, Black, Blue, Blue/Silver, Orange, Pink, White


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