The current kart available as a kit or in plan form is the Navigator. It was designed to use a Honda Gx120, Gx150 or Gx200 engine although other makes will fit from 4 – 6 HP. The Navigator can accommodate a wide age range as the fully padded seat (which is available as an option) is on runners.

This Fun Kart can be purchased as:

  • Set Of Plans
  • Standard Chassis Kit
  • Deluxe Chassis Kit
  • Fully Assembled

These are all available to buy on-line.

Why choose our plans?

Gemini Karts can also offer for sale all the parts you need to complete the kart.

You can buy as many or as few parts as you need. You may have some components suitable for this off road kart, like an engine or seat etc.

We also sell metal work kits with the tubing pre- bent and the steel pre- folded ready to give you a head start in the construction of your off road kart.

The plans come with a unique plan number, just quote this number and we will email you an up-to-date full parts and price list of all the components required.

The age range for the finished kart is 7 up to adult as the fully adjustable seat can be mounted in two positions then slide backwards and forwards in each of those positions.

As the Navigator is an off road kart we use large 20″ diameter wheels on the front and 22″ wheels on the rear, this gives the kart very good ground clearance and affords you a more comfortable ride.

These plans have been used by colleges, schools, scout groups, youth groups and individuals all over the country with very good results.

Set of Plans

The plans, are detailed drawings available either on 4 AO size paper (841mm x 1189mm) prints or PDF files on CD, come complete with a parts and price list of all the individual components so you can buy as much or as little as you like, from a single tube to a complete engine or a set of wheels.

Printed plans, which come in a 920mm x 40mm postal tube, make an ideal gift to start people on the exciting road of karting.

Standard Chassis Kit

Comes complete with all metal work supplied with the pre folded engine plate and chain guards. This is all sent in two boxes making it an ideal gift.

You will not have to visit a steel stockholder as all the steel is provided pre-bent and requires minimal fitting, the laser cutting is pre folded ready to weld so you will need to be a proficient welder or know someone who is, who can help you complete the chassis.

The chassis kits comprise of the steel required to manufacture a chassis only.

Deluxe Chassis Kit

All metal work as Standard Chassis Kit plus:

  • Throttle and brake pedals ready to paint.
  • Front axle with king pins fitted ready to weld on to chassis.
  • Stub axle welded on to yolks.
  • Steering column complete and plated, as are the track rods.
  • Track rod ends.
  • Layshaft with plate wheel and sprocket welded ready for use.
  • Brake disc.
  • Fastener kit, nut bolts washers etc.