Gemini Karts have manufactured karts with both Dry/Wet centrifugal clutches and torque converters or C.V.T (Continuously Variable Transmission).

C.V.T’s are used in many karts, utility vehicles, quads and snowmobiles. The operating principle is that the system consists a of Driver clutch (Engine mounted), Driven unit (mounted on a layshaft) and a drive belt.

The engine clutch is activated by centrifugal force and the driven unit is torque sensitive, meaning it is responding to the torque demand of the driven shaft, to adjust the ratio of the system for the power required according to the various conditions.

The Driver clutch is activated by centrifugal force from the engine crankshaft. The movable sheave of the clutch is forced in as the rpm of the engine is increased this then grips the belt. The drive belt will then be forced to a larger diameter within the clutch sheaves, thus pulling it to a smaller diameter within the Driven sheaves. The moveable sheave of the Driven unit is forced out allowing the belt to seek its smaller, high speed ratio diameter. As this happens, the speed from the engine is transferred to the final drive which is then increased.

In order for this system to work properly proper alignment and the correct centre distance between the pulleys is essential.

Over the next few months we will add engine mounts for the different systems available.