Below is a selection of common questions. Should you have a question that is not answered below,
please contact us.

What kits are available?

At the moment it is only the we offer as a kit, we   intend to add to this sometime in the near future.

What do I need to finish off a standard kit?

The Standard kit supplies you with all the pre bent and folded laser cut metal work and tube required to build a chassis only which you will have to weld together and make up the front axle & steering column, you will have to paint it yourself. You will also need an engine, axle, axle furniture, steering wheel, seat and wheels etc to finish the kart.

What do I need to finish off a Deluxe kit?

The Deluxe kit has everything the standard kit has but with extras such as; the front axle is made up ready to weld onto your chassis, the lay shaft is included with the plate wheel and ready to use, steering column has been made and zinc plated, you also get a drive clutch, nut & bolt kit and the track rods are taped & chrome plated. You will need to weld and paint the chassis yourself. Other parts not included in the kit are an engine, axle, axle furniture, steering wheel, seat, brake disc, brake calliper, and wheels etc.

I do not have welding equipment

That’s OK you can buy a ready-made chassis, which you can paint, and buy the parts you need to assemble the kart yourself.

Can I buy just the plans?

Yes, a lot of our customers buy the plans first to see what is involved and to familiarise themselves as to what help they may need. The cost of the plans is then deducted off a kit should you purchase one.

What do the plans consist of?

You get 4 A.O sheets of drawings most full size engineering drawings with construction and assembly instructions and a full parts & price list to show you exactly what you get in each of the chassis kits.

Where can I get the parts?

All the parts necessary to finish the kart are available from Gemini Karts each part has a part number for easy identification.

Can I buy parts for my own kart I am making?

Most of the parts are suitable for other karts of similar horsepower and weight. The brake callipers efficiency will depend on the above factors and size of disc used, seek advice.

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

We have listed parts, which are used for the  kart and have included others that may be of use; we intend to add to this list suspension items and parts that are commonly asked for. If you do not see what you are after please email us

Do you sell completed karts?

The  is available as a ready to run kart, fully made up and ready for collection or subject to carriage charges delivered to your door. All the other karts on our sales list are only available fully made and ready to go.

Do you sell a two seater?

We plan to make one soon although a manufacturing date has yet to be set. Watch this space!

What colour kart can I have?

The kart will come powder coated Post Office Red as standard, we can also supply the kart powder coated in yellow, British racing green, blue or black at no extra charge if specified at the time of placing your order.

Can I bolt on a bigger engine?

The karts we manufacture are not designed to accommodate bigger engines as it may affect the karts performance in a detrimental way. The engines used are suited to the clutches and braking system.

What engines do the karts have?

It depends on which model kart you choose, the Gemini Jnr has a   2 HP Subaru Robin engine and the other karts have a choice of Honda or a Subaru Robin engine, ranging from 4 HP up to 13 HP. Other manufacturers of horizontal shaft stationary engines of a similar horsepower would be suitable.

Is the seat adjustable?

All the karts we manufacture have adjustable seats. The Gemini Jnr has a rigid plastic seat; from the Navigator up they are fully padded with drain holes.

What size wheels do the karts have?

The Gemini Jnr has approx 363mm (14) diameter wheels all round. The Navigator kart upwards has 500mm(20) diameter wheels on the front and 556mm (22) diameter wheels on the rear. This helps reduce rolling resistance and increase ground clearance.

Does the kart have suspension?

The Gemini Jnr and the Navigator does not have suspension, the Navigator has a fully padded seat and large diameter tyres, which help, provide a comfortable ride.

Gemini Jnr No Suspension
No Suspension
Front Suspension
Front & Rear Suspension
Front Suspension
Front & Rear Suspension

How do I service the kart?

We design the karts for easy maintenance, the karts are sent out with Operators hand books for the kart & engine as well as maintenance schedules, if you do not want to get involved in servicing you can either contact a local lawnmower dealer, a stationary engine dealer or if you can get the kart back to us we can look at it for you.

Who makes the karts?

We manufacture Gemini Karts here in Northamptonshire, U.K.

What is the delivery time?

Most parts can be sent next day up to 7 days. The delivery time for kart varies depending on which model has been ordered and the time of year these are quality karts which can take many hours to manufacturer, it is recommended to get a better idea of lead times by emailing us

How long have you been making karts?

We have been making karts since 1989.