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The UK’s leading manufacturer of off-road buggies, go-karts and rally karts.


Expertise and experience

Gemini Karts have been designing and engineering hand-crafted superior karts for over 24 years.


Outstanding customer service

Our friendly and efficient team gives you the advice, expertise and level of service you expect.

I am away from 11the May 11th until the May 30th, anything ordered after Wednesday the 10th May will not be sent until 30th May, sorry for any inconvenience.

Welcome to Gemini Karts, the UK’s leading manufacturer of off-road buggies, go-karts and rally karts, for over 24 years.

As the longest established manufacturer of professional, high quality off-road buggies and go-karts in the country, we use our extensive expertise and experience to design, engineer and hand assemble all our karts at our workshops in Northamptonshire, England.

Professionally manufactured to the highest standard, our commercial off-road buggies for all ages, are solid, safe and reliable.

Specialists in providing go-kart parts, spares, accessories to off-road buggy enthusiasts all around the World, we also offer advice and support, whether you’re planning a commercial enterprise or just building an off-road kart at home.

We have an extensive range of go-kart parts and spares, kart plans and kits, ready-built off-road karts and multi-use accessories, such as torque converters.

For more information or advice, please call today on +44 (0)1933 357 797 and speak to one of our dedicated experts.

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