40 S Torque Converter Engine Mount



40 S CVT Mount


Smaller 6.5 HP engines and below can use a bolt on 30 series system which bolts onto the side of the engine making for a quick and simple drive system.

We have been asked for a mount like this for the larger 1” output shaft engines so have designed this very simple but effective CVT Mount to take the hassle out of mounting the larger symmetrical torque converters.

This mount is suitable for the Comet 40 Series.

Driver Clutch 203015A, Driven Pulley 209133A, Drive belt 203785A

This mount has been made for the bigger 8 through to the 13 Hp engines which have a 1” parallel out- put shaft. This size of engine tends to have the same footprint so with these precision laser cut plates it allows you to mount the engine (4mm thick ) and bolt it down using the pre-cut holes, so you can use a 40 Series driver and driven at the correct distance apart with the correct offset the system needs.

You can then use a 1/2″ x 5/16″ (428) chain from the 10 Tooth drive sprocket and link up to your drive axle. Click here to use the speed calculator.

Two weld-on mount plates (5mm thick) are supplied so these can be welded into you kart, utility vehicle, wakeboarding winch or what ever else this is being used for, these are slotted to allow for chain adjustment should it be required.

Which ever option you choose you will need to weld the two-mount plates into your vehicle.

This 40S CVT mount can be purchased as: – Please click in the option box which lists Whats in the box.

Option A: the laser cut mount only for you to weld. No other parts comes with this option.

Option B: the laser cut mount for you to weld and assemble and all the sundries.

Option C: the laser cut mount welded. No other parts comes with this option.

Option D: the laser cut mount welded and all the sundries,this will need top be assembled.

Option E: as above with the Comet Torque converter Driver, Driven and belt,this will need top be assembled.

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Option A, Option B, Option C, Option D, Option E


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