Drive chain by the link


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Listed here you can buy drive chain by the link, please note that where the tooth of a sprocket enters the chain is a counted as a chain link.

You need to order an odd number of links, then with the joining link make an even number. e.g. 59 links + 1 joiner = 60 links

Listed is 35 ASA chain. 3/8″ pitch,  inside width 4.68mm Roller Dia 5.08mm

420 chain 1/2″ x 1/4″ 1/2″ pitch , inside width 1/4″  Roller Dia 0.305″ (7.75mm)

428 chain 1/2″x 5/16″  pitch ,inside width 0.305″   Roller Dia 0.335″ (8.51mm)

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