CVTech Belts


These are original CVTech  high quality drive belts.

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Original CVTech Belts

CVTech Drive Belts.

Part No BD52-2183-C ( Microcar M.Go 1 & 2 models ) up to late 2015


KE52-2205-S ( JCB Workmax)

B3221AA0945 (Argocats)

B3221AA0700 (JCB331/52932)

B3221AA1116 (Microcars Virgo )

B3221AA1103 Aixam A751 I have been told they also fit the 500.5 Petrol and the 751 petrol 05 to 07.


JM52-3218-C ( Rage )


The Drive belt.

With a 30 mm top width this is a high quality belt that requires the pulleys to have a center distance of 242 mm.

This item is usually dispatched within 3 to 5 days.

This mounting diagram is for use with the BD52-2183 belt.

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Weight 0.4 kg

B3221AA0700, B3221AA1022, BD52-2167-C, JM52-3218-C, B3221AA0945, B3221AA1103, B3221AA1116, BD52-2183, BD52-2185-S, KE52-2205-S


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