Comet Springs



A selection of Comet Springs are available.

44C Engagement Chart here.

94C Engagement Spring Chart here.

  • Comet Pt. No. 215699A Green Spring for TAV30/TAV2 Driven Pulley.
    Comet 216095A Orange Torsion Spring For 20 Series
  • Comet 215272A Gold Compression  Spring For 20 & 30 Series
  • Comet Pt. No. 204114A.TAV/CAT 99 Red Spring Driven Pulley
    Comet Pt. No. 215698A. 20 Series Driven 21D6 and 21D7 Driven pulley Blue Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 203039A. 40C/44C Mag Compression Green Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 203040A. Red Spring 3 pkt for 40C Drive Clutch
  • Comet Pt. No. 203043A. Yellow Spring 3 pkt for 40C Drive Clutch (Std fitment)
  • Comet Pt. No. 203044A Clip, Spring for the weights in a 40C Driver Clutch
  • Comet Pt. No. 209417A.Magnum 44C Silver Spring
  • Comet Pt. No. 203130A. Red Spring 40 Series, 40/44D Driven Spring.
    Comet Pt. No. 204524A. 40D Yellow – Reverse Wind Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 300234A. Comet/Salsbury Model 330 Driven Pulley Black Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 300021A. Comet/Salsbury Model 500/780 Driven pulley Green Spring (Liberator).
  • Comet Pt. No. 205818A. Duster 94C Yellow Compression Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 205858A. Duster 94C Pink Compression Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 205847A. Duster 94C Blue Compression Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 203472A. 102C Driver Clutch Orange Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 203473A. 102C Driver Clutch Pink Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 202552A. 102C / 108C Driver Clutch Blue Spring.
  • Comet Pt. No. 211573A. White Garter Spring for Magnum 44C Drive Clutch
  • Comet Pt. No. 216168A. Yellow torsional spring for the TAV and 30 series torque converter system that is stronger than the standard green spring. It will hold the low end ratio longer.
  • Comet Pt No 302289A  Model 500 spring kit Black
  • Comet Pt No 302290A Model 500 spring kit Green

This item is usually dispatched within 3 to 5 days.

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Comet Springs

202931A, 203044A, 215272A, 216095A, 302289A, 302290A, 202552A, 203039A, 203040A, 203043A, 203130A, 203472A, 203473A, 204114A, 204524A, 205818A, 205847A, 205858A, 209417A, 211573A, 215698A, 215699A, 216168A, 300021A, 300234A


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