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Gemini Navigator : Plans On CD

Gemini Karts Ltd has manufactured karts for 20 years and has offered plans for the Navigator kart for many years.

The Navigator plans have now been upgraded and them on we can now offer them on a CD.

This CD has three pdf files on it:

1. Metal work assembly instruction.
2. Kart assembly instructions.
3. The Navigator plans.

The plans have been copied from our AO size (841 x 1189) drawings © and transferred to a pdf file, the advantage being when you open the file you will be able to see them in very clear detail.

You will need Adobe 7 reader to open the file.
The price is for 1 CD only.

Why choose our plans?
Gemini Karts can also offer for sale all the parts you need to complete the kart.

You can buy as many or as few parts as you need. You may have some components suitable for this off road kart, like an engine or seat etc.

We also sell metal work kits with the tubing pre- bent and the steel pre- folded ready to give you a head start in the construction of your off road kart.

The plans come with a unique plan number, just quote this number and we will email you an up-to-date full parts and price list of all the components required.

The age range for the finished kart is 7 up to adult as the fully adjustable seat can be mounted in two positions then slide backwards and forwards in each of those positions.

As the Navigator is an off road kart we use large 20" diameter wheels on the front and 22" wheels on the rear, this gives the kart very good ground clearance and affords you a more comfortable ride.

These plans have been used by colleges, schools, scout groups, youth groups and individuals all over the country with very good results.

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