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Features & Specifications

Most of our OFF ROAD KARTS are bronze welded second to no other kart on the market; which coupled with the space frame chassis gives them immense strength.

The DOMINATOR JUNIOR, LIBERATOR JUNIOR, DOMINATOR and LIBERATOR have the added bonus of sharing many of the major components, including front and rear wheels; with a choice of summer or winter tyres for the rear.

All GEMINI KARTS that have a Honda engine carry Honda's own three month warranty.

We are able to offer a selection of optional extras which include:

  • Front and Rear Bumpers

  • Side Crampers

  • Choice of Chassis Colours

Custom built karts to customers' own specification available on request.

Subaru Robin have introduced the EX21, a 7HP engine with a 3/4" shaft that is suitable for the Navigator Kart..

A viewing is recommended as no picture can really do the karts justice.

Finally here are a few points to consider before making a decision as to which manufacturer to purchase from.



  • A space frame that has been BRONZE WELDED, ask any welder and they will tell you how this process does not suffer from fatigue like MIG welding.

  • A WARRANTY on both the chassis and the engine.

  • LONG LIFE track rod ends.

  • A SEAT MADE FOR OUTDOOR USE that can be hosed off without the seat deteriorating due to the use of plywood in its manufacture.

  • A seat belt that is easily adjustable with NASCAR BUCKLE.

  • Proper STEERING GEOMETRY and Ackerman steering so if the front wheels are struck hard the forces are not transmitted up to the steering wheel.

  • Sealed BALL BEARING king pin assemblies.

  • SELF ADJUSTING hydraulic brakes.

  • HEAVY DUTY drive chain of motor bike quality with the option of Professional "o" ring chain available.

Finance details available on request.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Christopher Merriman
Gemini Karts Ltd.

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